santa-fund-2-photoFor over 20 years, the Harpswell Santa Fund has provided support for many individuals and families. What began as an attempt by a few individuals to help a family who had undergone a tragic loss has become a town-wide effort to support one another.

Today the Harpswell Santa Fund works with the Harpswell Anchor and the Harpswell Coastal Academy to let the community know there is a need for donations of money, non- perishable food, heating oil and even firewood.

The Harpswell Santa Fund arranges for the distribution of these goods through the efforts of volunteers who work with Santa and the other elves to get the correct clothes to the children, to deliver the right toys to the right age groups, to provide heating fuel to those of any age who qualify for the assistance, and to provide food for those who may otherwise go hungry. In 2012 alone we helped 68 children.



Due to the harshness of our Maine winters with the need for everyone to be warm and well nourished and the desire of parents during our gift-giving season to bring joy to their little ones, we need your kind donations!

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